Saturday, October 8, 2016

Here Is Why The Rich Will Never Be Defeated

To put it in simple terms, they know in advance what is going to happen. Here's how:

It’s no secret that there exists a cabal of insiders, rich financiers, political leaders and academics who are behind many of the decisions that take place across the world. These tightly knit conglomerates of interested parties are believed to control everything from finance and economics to global resources and warfare. Their influence is quite literally everywhere.

The actions they conceive and then implement touch the lives of every person on this planet. And while sometimes it appears that their ideas are half-baked or enacted with little or no forethought, make no mistake, these people know exactly what they are doing because they have every possible resource at their disposal.

One such resource, as highlighted by Joe Joseph of "The Daily Sheeple", is their ability to foresee events before they happen. It may sound far fetched and like something out of a sci-fi movie, but with the advent of quantum computing and advances in artificial intelligence, those in the know actually have the ability to simulate events on a mass scale, in an environment mirroring the complexities of our own world, by using a system called the Sentient World Simulation.

There is a software program out there that’s used by governments across the world and academia called the Sentient World Simulation ... It is a super computer that runs a simulated planet earth with 7 billion simulated people that they can then use to run simulations of nuclear war, false flags, economic collapse, poisoning of the aquifers ... and they can see what happens before it happens.

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In addition to their ability to accurately predict the future, the rich have two other things going for them:

(1) They now have the ability to spy on everyone, everywhere, courtesy of the US government and tech giants; and

(2) They have the ability to make incremental changes to the system, and the results of such changes allow them to refine and correct their risk assessment models. Refer to this post for background information on that aspect of their power:

Right now many of us still have the illusion of choice. But how long will that last? The world is being inexorably driven in a direction which favors the rich, and We The People are mere speed bumps on that road. If you are not rich yourself, or somehow an asset for the rich, you soon will be "disappeared" like the 95 million Americans "no longer in the workforce".

When your turn comes, please tell me - how does it feel to be a non-person?

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