Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Is Hillary Trying To Kill Julian Assange ???

Someone is turning up the heat on Julian Assange:

Monday morning it was reported that Julian Assange survived a possible assassination attempt. Early Tuesday morning, it was reported that Assange’s lawyer, John Jones was murdered in his London home. Jones has one of Julian's most trusted confidants, and he was believed to have a copy of the documents on Hillary Clinton.

The entire situation is anything but coincidental. It is not a coincidence that Julian Assange had a potential burglar at 2am try to break into his home on Monday night, and his lawyer was murdered one week before. That is a clear pattern, and one can guess who may be behind this.

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Perhaps the people behind this are the same ones who killed Seth Rich:


We may never know if these deaths are connected to each other and/or to the Clinton campaign, but the first question we have to ask is this:

Cui bono? (Who benefits?)

You already know the answer, don't you?

By the way, I'm not aware that Trump ever killed anyone. Are you?

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