Sunday, October 2, 2016

Another $4 Trillion Has Vanished From US Treasury

Here is a VERY interesting report by Wolf Richter:

Since 2003, the government deficits published by the Office of Management and Budget amounted to $9.26 trillion. So the Treasury should have had to borrow that much to make up the difference. But over the same period, the national debt rose by $13.3 trillion. Meaning, $4.04 trillion had gone up in smoke.

[refer to the charts shown at the link below]

The $4 trillion was borrowed and the bonds were issued and the amounts are still outstanding, but the proceeds from the bond sales went out the door, off the books!

We’ve all heard the stories of how the Pentagon’s books are sordid fiction, how the Army’s financial statements for 2015 were “materially misstated,” how it made $6.5 trillion in wrongful adjustments to its books and manipulated the numbers, etc. etc. But that’s a different – and additional – matter.

The money the Pentagon received was part of its budget; they just messed with the numbers after they received the money, and now the money they received cannot be accounted for.

But the money the Pentagon received was part of the federal outlays, and thus in the federal budget, and thus reflected in the federal deficit and US national debt, even if subsequently the money disappeared in the endless hallway maze at the Pentagon.

With the missing $4 trillion, I’m talking about money that the government borrowed but never spent officially, that it never acknowledged even existed. This $4 trillion is on top of all the internal shenanigans at various departments, including the Department of Defense.

In my articles, I’m like a lawyer: I rarely ask a question to which I don’t already know the answer. But this is one of those times.

What happened to the $700 billion in real money that the government borrowed over the past two fiscal years but never officially spent? What happened to the $4 trillion that the government borrowed but never officially spent since 2013? Where did this money go?

It doesn’t matter who sits in the White House: it happened under Clinton (the “surpluses” of 1998-2001), under Bush, and under Obama. It’s standard operating procedure, but hidden from view. And it’s getting bigger.

I do know, however, that the money went somewhere – and that US taxpayers owe it and have to struggle with the debt and the interest on it for all eternity. And there’s another thing I know: our government’s accounting of what it spends and therefore the deficit numbers are BIG lies: since 2003, it admitted to an accumulated deficit of $9.26 trillion, but the national debt during that time rose by $13.3 trillion. That’s not a rounding error, but a liar margin of 43%!!

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We The People are being robbed blind by very sophisticated thieves.

The last person who tried to get to the bottom of this was Dr. Ron Paul, and you scorned him. I doubt we'll ever find out what really is going on here.

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