Friday, April 1, 2016

From Prosecuting Tim McVeigh To Protecting Hillary

Here's the latest from Hillary Land:

Four of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides appear to have adopted an unusual legal strategy, hiring the same ex-Justice Department attorney to represent them in the FBI’s investigation of Clinton's private email server.

Beth Wilkinson, a well-connected former assistant U.S. attorney best known for prosecuting Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, is listed as representing three of Clinton’s top State Department staffers, according to a congressional letter obtained by POLITICO and dated Feb. 10. A fourth Clinton aide, Philippe Reines, is also represented by Wilkinson, according to sources familiar with their representation.

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"Unusual legal strategy"? Sounds more like obstruction of justice to me, although technically such a choice is protected by the Sixth Amendment. (Isn't it funny how the Bill of Rights seems to protect only the high and mighty these days, but not We The People?)

There is a thread running though all this. SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland and former prosecutor Beth Wilkerson were complicit (knowingly or unknowingly) in the OKC bombing cover-up. So was former US AG Eric Holder.

One can speculate this makes Ms. Wilkerson uniquely qualified to shield even more government crime and corruption; i.e., Hillary's espionage scandal (the misnamed so-called "email scandal").

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