Saturday, August 4, 2018

Vegas Shooting BS

The final report on last year's Las Vegas shooting indicates that authorities could find no motive for what the alleged shooter did:

Considering that conclusion, perhaps he didn't do it after all.

Much of the so-called "evidence" and "eyewitness testimony" appears to be outright fabrications, and I for one will not rule out ANYTHING, including the possibility this may have been a "false flag" attack and/or an attempt on the life of MBS.

And what about all the OTHER documented shootings that night which the patsy couldn't POSSIBLY have done?

This is what happens when the conclusion is announced BEFORE the investigation, and all the authorities do is pick and choose evidence which supports that conclusion, ignoring and/or destroying all the rest.

Once again, here we are in one of the more heavily surveilled countries in the world, and no one seems to know what's going on. That's hard to believe, no? I bet the cast of the TV show CSI could have done a better job with this investigation than the Las Vegas sheriff did. Where's Gil Grissom when you really need him?

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