Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Here Is What The AG Should Do

Here is some advice from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

Dr. Roberts says big tech companies are too big to function fairly. Dr. Roberts explains, "They should be broken up, or they should be nationalized or actually they should be arrested ... They are part of a plot. They are engaged in high treason against the government of the United States. If I was the Attorney General, I would have all of them arrested and put in solitary confinement awaiting trial. That’s where they belong. That’s where Google belongs along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and NPR. They are all involved in a plot to overthrow the President. So, they would all be arrested and put in jail ... Why aren’t they? Well, Trump just doesn’t have the power. They are stronger than he is ... There is not an ounce of integrity in the media."

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I agree with him 100%. The alleged conspirators are FAR more powerful than the President, Congress, and the courts all put together.

And it is FAR more likely they will get rid of Trump than he will get rid of them.

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