Saturday, August 4, 2018

Do We Really Need The Police ???

Another U.S. town’s entire police force has quit in two years and guess what? Things didn’t evolve into lawless chaos for the second time.

Four members of the Blandford, Massachusetts Police Department resigned last Friday after failure by the town’s officials to address their concerns about unsafe working conditions, USA Today reported.


... the departure of the police force didn’t cause chaos. No more arrests and charges for fishing without a license, speeding down a public road or any of the other outrageous things that police across the nation try to enforce in the name of the state against the private individual citizen.

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In my view, the chief cause of violence and lawlessness in the USA is trafficking in drugs, weapons, and sex. The majority of this trafficking is related to our failure to control our borders, and this is a situation which is PROMOTED by global corporations. Small town America, where it hasn't been ravaged by the filth coming out of Hollywood, is still populated by decent people.

And decent people don't need trigger-happy police who appear more interested in their own safety and well-being than in the welfare of We the People.

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