Sunday, August 5, 2018

Borderless People Make Borderless Nations ???

Who Needs Borderless Nations If You Have Borderless People?

The market thrives on competition. And governments are inherent monopolies. By its nature, a government monopolizes certain powers within particular borders.

But now more than ever, governments must compete with each other for residents. The best and brightest have options. And they can bounce around to countless jurisdictions before they find the right fit.

The title of an article from TechCrunch summarizes the trend: “Digital Nomads are Hiring and Firing Their Governments.”

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This is a cutesy, appealing argument, but you need to think this through.

Governments for the most part protect their citizens. The market does no such thing - it's dog eat dog from start to finish. And corporations refuse to pay the taxes necessary to ensure the people they force into unemployment do not starve to death.

Make no mistake, the end of nation-states will represent the end of humanity. That is the major reason all the tech titans have their own space programs, to allow them and their collaborators (the "digital nomads" mentioned above) to escape the living hell they are creating here on earth.

I find nothing admirable in what they are doing.

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