Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Durable Roman Concrete

Apparently the ancient Romans concocted a recipe for the most durable concrete in the world. You can read about it here:


Did this happen by trial and error, or was their knowledge of chemistry and engineering more advanced than we previously thought?

How many of our structures will last over a thousand years? Not very many, I would guess.

By the way, why do such articles which promote climate change propaganda always seem to have a statement like this one?

"In one 2014 study, a team of European climate scientists predicted that, if the next 90 years follow the trend of the past 30, the cost of constructing barriers to hold back the sea might rise to as high as $71 billion per year. The alternative, coastal flooding, could do trillions of dollars in damage annually."

It is a seldom stated fact that disruptive technologies and the corporations profiting from them (e.g., Amazon, parent of The Washington Post which published this article) ALSO do trillions of dollars in damage annually. Why does no one care about that?

Change and disruption are facts of life on this planet. Get over it.

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