Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Drone Bases In Jordan, And In The US

Satellite imagery has revealed a previously unreported American drone base in Jordan. Flying from the remote desert air base in the northeastern part of the country, U.S.-built MQ-9 Reaper drones are in a perfect position to monitor and strike targets in Iraq and Syria.

This is the second Reaper base - after Muwaffaq Salti - that we know exists in Jordan.

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I suppose the reason for these two bases is to keep an eye on ISIS.

But since ISIS appears to be a creation of the US and Israel, aren't we ALREADY in contact with them?

There probably is not much we can do about such bases outside the US, but I think we should be VERY concerned about why there are so many of them INSIDE the US:


Just who is the "enemy" these bases are keeping an eye on?

As I have stated before, the US is constructing Skynet right before our very eyes:


We only have two choices - stop this now, or suffer the consequences later. And by later, I mean soon.

Happy Independence Day, while it lasts.

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