Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Is Patriotism Even Legal ???

After reading stories like this, one has to suspect that patriotism is slowly but surely being banned in the US:

Many Americans gathering to celebrate Independence Day will mark the holiday at Arlington National Cemetery. But for visitors feeling patriotic, there is one item that is banned on the hallowed grounds: a waving American flag.

Earl Granville, a retired Army staff sergeant and veterans advocate who lost his leg in a bombing in Afghanistan, said that he was surprised to learn about the obscure federal law that prohibits visitors from carrying an unfurled U.S. flag at the cemetery.

“There’s absolutely, positively nothing disrespectful whatsoever about carrying the colors to the cemetery where our fallen armed forces are buried,” Granville said.

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Pat Buchanan raises some related issues in this essay:


Can a nation at war with itself continue to be patriotic? The answer, almost by definition, is NO. We are in fact witnessing the destruction of the United States of America.

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