Monday, July 24, 2017

Bolivia's Declaration Of Independence

Bolivia’s President Declares ‘Total Independence’ From World Bank And IMF

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has been highlighting his government’s independence from international money lending organizations and their detrimental impact the nation, the Telesur TV reported.

“A day like today in 1944 ended Bretton Woods Economic Conference (USA), in which the IMF and WB were established,” Morales tweeted. “These organizations dictated the economic fate of Bolivia and the world. Today we can say that we have total independence of them.”

Morales has said Bolivia’s past dependence on the agencies was so great that the International Monetary Fund had an office in government headquarters and even participated in their meetings.

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We the People of the United States ought to do the same thing.

Those institutions only benefited us during the era when the oligarchs, bankgangsters, corporate CEOs, and their collaborators in the one percent shared some of their ill-gotten gains with us. They no longer do, and just look at the result - vast riches for them, poverty for us.

Morales has some big cojones. It's too bad no one in the US does.

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