Monday, July 17, 2017

Five Questions About Trump's World Impact

This report uses five charts in an effort to prove that Trump's policies are bad for the health of the world:

Here are five questions for the authors, one for each chart:

1) Why is the US funding abortions in more than 60 countries?

2) Why is the US funding 'global healthcare' when we can't even afford our own?

3) Why are we basing our funding policy on mechanisms we don't even understand?

4) Why is the population of Uganda of concern to the US?

5) The US couldn't even predict the level of maternal mortality in Texas, so how can we be certain what it will be in these six countries?

The rest of the world could govern itself just fine if we left them alone. The major problem in Africa is that Europeans and Americans have devastated local economies as they strip mined the continent to extract its wealth. And the upheavals caused by our desire to impose our own cultural values upon Africans has made the situation even worse.

Final question: Is our meddling in Africa motivated by compassion, or a desire to exterminate the natives?

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