Monday, July 17, 2017

Expats Enjoy Life !!!

If you want to recapture what it once was like to live in America, you first must leave:

Interestingly, many Americans and Canadians have not only moved abroad partly to search for a life reminiscent of an earlier time, but quite a few tell me that they’ve found it - and in some very unlikely places, including Mexico, Panama, Belize and Nicaragua.

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Cell phones, the Internet, Hollywood, and Wall Street have WRECKED our country. If you want to live WELL, you must move somewhere else.

For another perspective on why this is so, read this eyewitness account of how a US expat family is thriving in Ecuador:

I lived in Holland for two years back in the 70s, and it was one of the happiest periods in my life. I would move out of the US in a New York minute if I could disentangle myself from this crazy place.

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