Saturday, July 29, 2017

What Is US Military Telling Us ???

You may recall it was predicted the US military might refuse to follow orders from a President Trump:

The US military only can refuse to follow UNLAWFUL orders. Here are two possible examples:

(1) The other day, a Navy admiral said he would launch a nuclear attack on China if President Trump ordered him to do so. Would that be a lawful order?

(2) Shortly after that, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff more or less refused to follow President Trump's order to bar transgendered persons from serving in the military. Was THAT a lawful order?

I would argue that NEITHER of those orders is lawful. And I think the courts ultimately will agree.

Yet note well that the US military's response to both orders is EXACTLY in keeping with the globalist agenda. This suggests to me that "our" military no longer acts in the interests of We The People. At best this means they have sold their loyalty for 30 pieces of silver; at worst it means they are committing treason.

What do you think?

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