Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A New Black Death ???

In the last two years there have been around one thousand new laboratory-confirmed cases of MERS-CoV, a unique strain of Coronavirus (which causes the common cold) endemic in the Middle East and linked to contact with camels. However, the virus can be transmitted from human to human and has since spread to the Far East.

The World Health Organization admits that there are proven human-to-human chains of transmission, admits that “the risk of individual travelers becoming infected and bringing the coronavirus back to their country could not be avoided”, yet with this highly pathogenic illness (with its 30 per cent mortality rate), the WHO does not recommend any travel restrictions. Does this make sense? If this deadly disease becomes a global pandemic, which it is threatening to do, it will kill over one third of its victims, becoming the twenty-first century’s Black Death.

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Why does the WHO consistently fail to recommend actions which would prevent the spread of such diseases? Are they puppets of Big Pharma, or do they really want to cull the human herd this way?

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