Friday, July 21, 2017

Can We Be Our Own Doctors ???

Is this the solution to the US healthcare crisis?

The health care sector is facing a far-reaching and unpredictable revolution. Smartphones are capable of replacing many devices that have become standard in medical practices and some apps will soon be able to provide diagnoses as well. Patients are becoming less reliant on doctors.


For millennia, sick people have been dependent on help from others, a healer or a doctor. But now, mobile devices are beginning to change that age-old state of affairs. Coupled with the power of artificial intelligence, the mobile phone promises to fundamentally change medical care. Many medical examinations that were thus far only possible in a doctor's office can now be undertaken at any time by anyone -- even while sitting at home in your easy chair.

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The downside to this is that the CORRECTIVE side of the equation (e.g., surgery, medication, physical therapies) is still controlled by Big Med and Big Pharma. Without them, self-diagnosis is of little value.

And you can count on the healthcare industry to fight tooth and nail to prevent We The People from becoming our own doctors. They can't afford their mansions, fancy cars, and expensive vacations without us.

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