Monday, April 4, 2016

Why Putin ??? Why Not Hillary ???

It appears that Putin is a VERY B-A-D man:

A global team of journalists has published an investigation that reveals how a network of associates to Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved around $2 billion through offshore accounts. An unprecedented leak of 11.5 million records shows how Putin’s friends and associates have made millions from their association with the president. “The documents suggest Putin’s family has benefited from this money — his friends’ fortunes appear his to spend,” notes the Guardian.

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Q: Why did this "global team" focus on Putin? And when is someone going to focus on Hillary and her apparently corrupt Clinton Foundation?

A: The leak is being managed by the grandly but laughably named “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists”, which is funded and organised entirely by the USA’s Center for Public Integrity. Their funders include ...

Ford Foundation
Carnegie Endowment
Rockefeller Family Fund
W K Kellogg Foundation
Open Society Foundation (Soros)

... among many others. Do not expect a genuine expose of western capitalism. The dirty secrets of western corporations will remain unpublished.

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