Saturday, April 9, 2016

LA's Relentless War On The Homeless

The "City of Angels" is anything but:

As though homeless people don’t already own so few possessions, the city of Los Angeles just passed a law saying that the amount of things a homeless person can own must fit inside of a trashcan. They even have size dimensions for the trashcan, noting that the items must fit in a 60-gallon trashcan and the lid must close over it.

The new law allows police to even confiscate tents that are still standing on public property during daylight hours. Taking away a homeless person’s shelter is not constructive, and in fact only makes them feel less secure in a time when they need a solid foundation to get back on their feet.

This law is in response to LA’s homeless epidemic, which has been on the rise recently, with an increase in 20% over just the last two years.

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When there was an Ebola epidemic the US let the infected enter our country, sparing no expense to make them feel right at home.

But now that there is a "homeless epidemic", we somehow have decided it's time to quarantine those who are infected with poverty and treat them like trash.

The people who run this country have no souls.

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