Friday, April 8, 2016

Does America Worship Baal and Moloch ???

Here's the latest from Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck sees a nation in disarray - and knows that it’s due to Americans’ worship of pre-Abrahamic deities.

Beck, who also believes the will of God moves through Ted Cruz, elaborated:

If people would just look up Baal and Moloch from the Scriptures, we are worshiping them right now, we just don’t know it, just in a different way. You used to have to sacrifice your children; it was promoted to have sexual intercourse and if you got pregnant, you brought the baby to the altar and killed the baby. I mean, it’s the same thing. It was worship the god of finance, the god of war and the god of the earth. I mean, we’re there!

“I think people think that I’m nuts,” Beck also said.

You can read the rest @

Although I don't agree with his cause-and-effect analysis, Beck is right when he claims America worships Baal and Moloch. Here is further proof of his claim:

But if avoiding chaos is our goal, electing Ted Cruz as our False Prophet will only make matters worse.

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