Monday, April 10, 2017

Murder, Not War

“It was not war, it was murder.” -- Brig. Gen. Evander Law, at the Battle of Cold Harbor

Apparently some of the men who fought the US Civil War knew the difference between murder and war. President Trump and his generals do not, as suggested by this report:

Ongoing reports about President Trump seeking “options” for handling North Korea suggest that, with the administration having already declared diplomacy a “failure,” all options amount to some massive US escalation on the Korean Peninsula.

On Friday, reports were emerging that one of the big “options” being advanced was for the United States to start deploying nuclear weapons into South Korea, a move which would both confront North Korea, and doubtless be seen as a massive provocation by nearby China.

But there’s always an escalation beyond every escalation, and US intelligence chiefs appear to have settled heavily on one, pushing the idea that the United States should just outright assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and also kill a number of other senior leaders.

While that would undoubtedly lead to a war and massive retaliation from North Korea, some officials are also arguing that the US could follow up the mass assassination by sending special forces into North Korea to destroy the nation’s nuclear infrastructure.

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"War by assassination" is not only dishonorable, it is an invitation to global lawlessness.

And what makes all this even more disgusting is the fact we could have had peace with North Korea years ago without violence or bloodshed. You can read about that rejected opportunity here:

Will the US thirst for blood ever be slaked?

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