Friday, April 21, 2017

US Doesn't Do Body Counts

Aiming to deflect criticism about the Trump Administration’s use of the MOAB, or “Mother of All Bombs,” in the Nangarhar Province, Afghan officials issued a pair of dubious death tolls, first claiming a few dozen ISIS killed, then ratcheting that number up when the first figure didn’t play very well in the media.

Underscoring just how little the US cares about the consequences of the strikes, Defense Secretary James Mattis has insisted the US will never carry out any sort of investigation into what the result of the bombing was at all, saying the US don’t want to “get into that.”

Mattis insisted that he has “full confidence” in the commanders who made the decision to drop the MOAB, and that figuring out what happened was “probably not a good use of our troops’ time.” Instead, the official record will just assume that the incident went well.

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Not only is Mattis a "mad dog", he seems to be an idiot.

If dropping the MOAB was a test, don't we want to know if the test was successful?

And if it was just a publicity stunt, the commanders who made the decision to drop it should be relieved of duty.

Just who is running this war, anyway? Local commanders?

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