Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The World's Greenest Island

At the outset of an interview with a Dutch journalist, Søren Hermansen apologizes for being tired. He’s just returned to Denmark from a 21-day trip to Australia, where he gave 15 lectures and attended numerous other events. The reporter asks Mr. Hermansen how the Australians discovered him, a community leader on a Danish island half the size of Martha’s Vineyard that’s home to just 3,750 people and a few shaggy sheep. “I’m famous,” says Hermansen, adding that he isn’t boasting, it’s just a statement of fact.

Hermansen and his tiny island of Samsø have become recognized around the world for attaining energy independence. The island met this goal 10 years ago using a mix of wind, solar, and biomass, and now it’s working toward one of the utopian goals of environmentalists everywhere – eliminating all fossil fuels, by 2030.

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Meanwhile, even if Trump were not president, the US is very far behind.

When upheavals occur, dinosaurs die out. And the US is the biggest dinosaur of all. The climate-population-economic upheaval currently underway will be our giant meteor.

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  1. The main reason the US is this far behind is the role petrocurrency mercantilism plays in propping up US power. You can read about that here:


    Take the world off fossil fuels and the US economy will collapse.