Saturday, April 22, 2017

More BS Claims About Russia

I don't buy all the claims about Russian interference in Western elections. First it was about the US elections, and now it's about France:

First of all, any alleged Russian influence in either country is mainly possible because of the Internet. And it was the US who invented the Internet and promoted its spread around the world. Did we really think it would not be a two-way street?

Second, every nation promotes its own interests. Russia is no different. What's wrong with that?

Third, voters know what's good for them, and that's what they seek in their candidates. Whether Russia wants the same thing(s) is irrelevant.

Fourth, if candidates in any country are suspected of criminal acts, it benefits voters to hear of their alleged crimes. If our own MSM will not investigate and inform us, then we should be thankful that outside parties can fill the vacuum.

Bottom line - if there is such influence, then we're just as responsible for it as are the Russians. Instead of blaming others for our problems, we should address them ourselves.

The main electoral problem in the US is that the MSM slants the news in favor of the left, which mostly benefits the Democratic Party.

And if we really wanted to stop unwarranted influence in our elections, we would investigate the role of Israel. You can read about our failure to do so here:

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