Sunday, April 30, 2017

BRICS Under Siege

The five BRICS countries have been trying to create a world system which is an alternative to the one the USA is forcing upon people. But now they are under siege:

(1) Brazil is encumbered with political scandals and a failing economy.

(2) Russia is threatened militarily by the USA.

(3) India is suffering from a disastrous economic decision to reduce the flow of untaxed cash in her economy.

(4) China is threatened militarily by the USA and by the North Korean mess.

(5) And now South Africa also is suffering from an economic slowdown. You can read about one aspect of it here:

In contrast, their "enemy" (the USA) thrives by printing more money and loaning it at near zero interest rates.

Will we ever see the end of this war? And who will win, who will lose?

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