Sunday, April 23, 2017

Is This Why O'Reilly Was Fired ???

Here is a different take on the O'Reilly dismissal by Paul Smalera:

For all of Bill O’Reilly’s problems at Fox News, the one that has garnered the least attention is probably the one most responsible for his dismissal: His audience is dying.

According to CNN, the average age of viewers of The O’Reilly Factor was 72. The average life expectancy for males in the US is 78, meaning the average O’Reilly viewer will die off about halfway through US president Donald Trump’s second term.

Of course, that average viewer doesn’t really exist, and Trump hasn’t been re-elected yet, but the point holds: Fox News, which has graced America and cable television with its presence since 1996, is battling an extinction problem.

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I have no idea what is really going on here, but I find it strange that all the following are happening at the same time:

  • Trump under siege
  • O'Reilly fired
  • Alex Jones threatened with losing custody of his children
  • Ann Coulter temporarily (?) banned at UC Berkley
  • Climate change skeptics demonized
  • Nationalism/patriotism under constant attack

My conclusion? In the US, there is "right thinking" and "wrong thinking". Wrong thinking is punished, and everything on my list falls into that category.

Exercise "free speech", and you will be attacked and/or fired.

Welcome to fascist Amerika, courtesy of Obama ad-Dajjal, Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky, and George Soros.

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