Saturday, April 22, 2017

What Was Yesterday's March About ???

Yesterday's "March for Science" allegedly was motivated by climate change denial. Let's look at the data (something the scientists are supposed to be doing):

This shows no apparent linkage between CO2 and temperature in a time scale that goes back millions of years. So as someone who is acquainted with the scientific method, I am instantly skeptical of the idea that after all this time, there is now a linkage. That does not mean there can’t be, and I am open to that argument and understand it. But as I asked in my last blog, how much linkage is there?

What I am trying to figure out is why there is a march when many of the people in that march have no tolerance for the questioning of their position. While I think it’s noble to be inclusive and diverse, are any “skeptics” included as speakers? Is there diversity of thought? Of course not. Because in spite of what you see in the graphs above and below, they ignore the obvious. The planet has always had temperature swings — larger than this and independent of CO2 — that should make any person searching for the truth skeptical as to how much CO2 contributes.

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Science makes progress when people are skeptical of conventional wisdom. It dies when facts are manipulated to fit someone's theory.

As I asserted in a previous post, this is not about "science denial". It's about whether or not we believe a specific theory.

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