Sunday, April 16, 2017

But We Must Do SOMETHING !!!

I keep hearing the same plea from people who are supporting the US actions in the Middle East:

But we must do SOMETHING !!!

I agree, but instead of indiscriminate bombing I recommend we do the following somethings:

  • Stop overthrowing moderates and arming crazies
  • Stop supporting dictators and despots who fund terrorists
  • Stop bombing and invading when a negotiated settlement is offered
  • Stop imperial conquests for Arab oil
  • Stop drone assassinations of innocent civilians
  • Stop torture
  • Start telling the truth
  • Start following the US Constitution, the UN Charter, and US and international law, including the War Powers Act

We are becoming everything we say we are not. On this Easter / Passover 2017, let's resolve to be the Christians many of us claim to be.

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