Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Angry Russian Babushka

Here is a video of an angry Russian grandmother (babushka). Although in Russian, it's still entertaining and informative. Here's what she says about the US:

"I watch television [...] and then there's an American: we are like this and you are like that,” she says, grimacing as she imitates a confident American speaking to groveling Russians.

"If I were on the television I would tell [the Americans]: My dear, we've been wiped off the face of the Earth several times! But you have not had a day of war. And you're comparing ... We have so many veterans, so many children of war, so many disabled people ... we need to provide for them, we need to lift ourselves from the ruins [...] You learn to cry like a Russian, before you sit there giggling at us."

You can find the video and some English commentary here:

She reminds me of my Slavic grandmothers.

She makes a good point - Russia has defeated some of the strongest military machines of all time, while the US has faced mainly weak, poorly equipped forces.

Q: Why are there few if any senior citizens anywhere in the US media (other than those portrayed as comedic clowns)?

A: The powers that be don't want to hear anything which is old school, mostly because it goes counter to their garbage and makes too much sense. They prefer to insult our seniors and make them starve in the dark, while the rich enjoy spending the money they stole from the SS Trust Fund (sic).

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