Tuesday, April 18, 2017

College Students Shun US Flag

The UC Davis student senate has made it optional to display the American flag at its meetings, stirring up controversy on campus and conservative blogs.

Senate Bill 76 passed Thursday, said Michael Gofman, a student senator who opposed the change.

The bill amends bylaws that required the United States flag to be on display at every senate meeting of the Associated Students, University of California, Davis. The revised bylaws give senate members the option to petition for the display of the flag 24 hours before each meeting. The ASUCD senate pro tem ultimately has authority to decide whether the U.S. flag will be displayed, according to the revision.

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This is just the start of what eventually will be a watershed event.

Here is a pertinent excerpt from my book No More Patriots:

A deafening 21-gun salute from the fort’s cannons startled the crowd, and the President arrived with his security escort to the sound of “Hail to the Chief”. He walked immediately to the children wearing the robes and greeted them with high fives, smiles, and words of encouragement. He then ascended the small platform in front of the flagpole to give his remarks.

“Most of you have heard the story of America’s flag and how its colors came to be. It has been said that the color red is for valor, the color white is for purity, and the color blue is for justice. But most of you also know that in spite of our valor too much blood has been shed over this flag, and too little justice achieved in its name.

“The children who stand before us today represent the future of the United States and of the world. The white color of the garments they have so skillfully crafted perfectly symbolizes what we all want them to be – pure of heart and healthy of mind.

“They live so that America can live, and no longer must they shed blood in our name. They will achieve the justice that our ancestors either could not or would not achieve, and in so doing they will make the world a better place for all people.

“Their salvation and ours will come from destruction of the ‘old’ America and from the construction of a ‘new’ nation. There are still many old ways of thinking, old ways of doing things, and old symbols that must be swept away for this to happen, and I encourage all of you to make this destruction your life’s work. Change is good, and it starts with the destruction of the old.

“I am today issuing an Executive Order defining ‘patriotism’ as a hate crime and outlawing all formerly patriotic symbols and displays, including the stars and stripes flag. These symbols of our violent past must be forgotten if we want to achieve peace and bequeath to our children a better world.”

The President then directed the striking of the colors, and the giant garrison flag was taken down. A white surrender flag of equal size was run up the pole in its place. In synchronization with that act, the colors were struck at all US government facilities and installations and from all commissioned vessels, and replaced with similar white flags. By the end of the day, the stars and stripes flag had completely disappeared throughout the land.

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Don't think such a thing is possible? Neither did citizens of the Soviet Union until their nation was dissolved abruptly on December 26, 1991.

It can happen here, and I predict it will.

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