Monday, April 3, 2017

We Could Have Had Peace With North Korea

Here is an essay about a missed opportunity called the "Sunshine Policy":

With the Trump administration and the mainstream media gleefully beating the war drums for a military attack on North Korea, there’s crucial historical context missing from the corporate media coverage of this issue. I suspect most Americans have never heard of of Korea’s “Sunshine Policy” (1998-2008), aimed at eventual reunification of North and South Korea. We certainly heard about it here in New Zealand, thanks to the mass revolt in Bush’s diplomatic corps when he deliberately sabotaged this policy to isolate and provoke North Korea into amping up their their nuclear weapons program.

On learning of the Sunshine Policy, my Americans friends are shocked to learn that North Korea moved from active engagement in 1998 in nuclear disarmament and negotiations towards Korean reunification to announcing the their first nuclear weapons test in 2006. They also have no idea of the deliberate steps the Bush/Cheney administration took to sink the Sunshine Policy, nor their devious motives for doing so.

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Knowing that W was and is a moron, this policy must have come through Dick Cheney.

Once again, we have no diplomats. We only have armchair generals and admirals and State Dept warmongers. I truly believe they WANT a nuclear war, just so they can test their new weapons and scare the Russians and the Chinese. And North Korea apparently is the designated patsy this time.

Just how dumb can we be?

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