Saturday, December 16, 2017

What Do You Do When There Is No Cash ???

You create your own, of course:

Hard cash is tough to find in Venezuela as the country struggles with financial hardship. So residents in the capital on Friday unveiled their own currency.

The panal, which means honeycomb in Spanish, can be spent in just a few stores. But residents of one neighborhood desperate for spending cash said they welcome the idea proposed by pro-government groups.

"There is no cash on the street," said Liset Sanchez, a 36-year-old housewife who plans to use her freshly printed panals to buy rice for her family. "This currency is going to be a great help for us."

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We in the US have been enslaved by the Federal Reserve System. Maybe it's time we created our own banks and a stable currency which works for us instead of being just another tool for the rich bastards who are wrecking our lives.

Here is a website with ideas on how to do just that:

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