Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mormons Baptizing The Dead ???

A researcher says Mormons have posthumously baptized the late Lubavitcher rebbe, the grandparents of Carrie Fisher and Steven Spielberg, and hundreds of Holocaust victims, violating an agreement to halt the practice.

Helen Radkey, a Salt Lake City-based independent researcher who has been looking into the Mormon practice of posthumous baptisms for two decades, said there are hundreds of examples of Jewish Holocaust victims being baptized in Mormon churches around the world since 2012. In a report released this week, she shared names of 20 such people who had been baptized.

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This should tell us something - namely, that Jews don't like Christians, don't hold Christian beliefs, and don't want anyone to interfere with their beliefs.

That's fine with me, but why are we gifting them billions of dollars per year? You can bet your sweet bippy they are not doing anything which will help US get into heaven. Quite the opposite.

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