Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Israel Kills Americans With Impunity

Last March, a Palestinian man fatally stabbed a tourist walking near the Tel Aviv coast. It was five months into the “Intifada of the Knives,” the name given to the spate of Palestinian attacks on Israelis that began in October 2015. By March 2016, these types of near-daily random stabbing acts had become just another violent chapter of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, indistinguishable from all the rest.

The death of this tourist, however, was different. The victim’s name was Taylor Force, and he was an American combat veteran on a study trip to Israel. In the aftermath of his gruesome death, ensuring accountability for the death of Force became a celebrated cause in Congress. Senators and Congressmen rushed to condemn the stabbing attack, and praise Force for his service. Six months after the murder of Force, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) slapped his name on a bill, called the Taylor Force Act, that would cut U.S. aid from going to the Palestinian Authority because of the authority’s practice of giving payments to militants and their families. On December 5, the House unanimously passed the act. The Senate is expected to pass it before the end of the year, and Trump administration officials have said the president supports the bill.

But not all American deaths in Israel-Palestine are treated equally — and the difference in reaction to the killings of Palestinian-Americans by Israeli forces is a stark reminder of how little Palestinian life is valued in the U.S. Congress. When Americans of Palestinian descent are shot dead by Israeli soldiers, no Senators or Congressmen rush to press for accountability from Israel’s army, or put the names of Palestinian victims on legislation that would tie U.S. aid to Israel to policy changes.

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Not even mentioned by the author is the murder of Rachel Corrie by an Israeli bulldozer, or the attack on the USS Liberty which killed 34 US sailors. You can read about their deaths here:

When Israel kills US citizens, no one in Congress really gives a damn. This should help tell you whom "our" Congress works for.

A nation which kills US citizens is NOT our friend. A Congress which does not protect us is NOT our Congress.

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