Sunday, December 17, 2017

Are The People At "The New York Times" Morons ???

Take a look at this piece they published about people working into their 70s:

Dear NYT - Yes, some professionals (i.e., members of the one percent) work until they die. I'm happy for them.

But you ignore the reality for the 99%:

  • Most employers don't give a damn about your "experience" and want to get rid of you as soon as you reach your 60s, or sooner.
  • Most people working past 65 are doing it to survive, not because they WANT to keep working.
  • For the average person, every year you continue to work at that age, you take two years off your life (a science-based fact).

Please stop publishing BS about the one percent and/or those who can afford multi-million dollar homes. Nobody gives a damn about how well the rich are doing ... except other rich people.

I used to read NYT for "news", but no more. I only read your rag now to get an indication of how much the US has changed from what we used to be.

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