Sunday, July 9, 2017

US Anti-Russia Sanctions Not Working

Here is a summary of the evidence:

  • Russia’s economy has successfully adjusted to dual shock of sanctions and oil price plunge
  • Minor GDP loss of -2.3% for 3 years of sanctions will be completely recovered in 2017 with expected 2-3% growth
  • Oil & gas share of GDP drops to below 10%
  • Industrial production stable 2014-2016, soars in May by +5.3%
  • Russia’s economy now the most diversified in the world. Exports remain relatively undiversified, but domestic production highly diversified and self-sufficient
  • Debt Crisis predicted by Western pundits failed to materialize
  • CB reserves intact and sovereign wealth funds solid
  • Budget deficit never went below -3.9%. Tax collection soars in 2017, budget now balanced
  • Oil & gas only 17% of budget revenue (2016)
  • Inflation falls to near 4%
  • Unemployment remains low at 5% level
  • Demographic indicators reach all-time best
  • Population at 146.8 million – all-time high
  • Only clearly negative data: Salaries, disposable income and consumption. Retail sales down more than 10%

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We are slumping while they are recovering.

Conclusion? The US is run by morons.

And I don't mean Donald Trump.

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