Monday, July 10, 2017

Throwing Kushner And Trump Under The Bus

On the morning of Monday July 10th, broke online from three reporters at The Intercept - Ryan Grim, Ben Walsh, and Clayton Swisher - the headline, “Jared Kushner Tried and Failed to Get a Half-Billion Dollar Bailout from Qatar”, recounting events which could also have been titled (perhaps more interestingly) “Evidence Trump Sparked Saud Boycott of Qatar to Salvage His Fortune and that of Daughter Ivanka”. Here are key portions of that narrative, which will be introduced and accompanied by other details of this case, which add even more to the picture of the U.S. President’s using his political position so as to protect, and add to, the wealth of Donald Trump and, even more, of Ivanka Trump.

You can read the rest here:

And here is a link to the story at The Intercept:

A few thoughts on this:

1. If it is true, I agree - Trump should be impeached.

2. If they don't get him on this, it will be something else.

3. But is this any worse than the crap pulled by Hillary Clinton while she was in office? The swamp cannot be drained unless ALL of the rot is removed.

Whatever the case, let's get on with it. The longer we wait, the greater the danger to the USA.

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