Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

Damning German intelligence reports emerged in June and July revealing the Iranian regime's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and missile technology in defiance of international sanctions and UN regulations to contain Tehran's jingoism.

The federal intelligence report stated the Islamic Republic also targets Jewish and Israeli institutions for espionage purposes.

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Considering the fact that Germany has become Israel's nuclear weapons delivery vehicle supplier (see, I suggest that the veracity of these "intelligence reports" is highly suspect.

And since Israel apparently is spying on everyone, including us, I also suggest that this "news" article is complete BS.

If Israel wants to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, I further suggest they participate in the new anti-nuke agreement. But I doubt they will, since to do so honestly would require them to give up their illegal arsenal.

So ... who's the cheater now? And why is the world still listening to this crap but not doing anything about it?

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