Saturday, July 1, 2017

Our Bankrupt States

Maine and New Jersey are shutting down, while other US states have budget problems, too:

Illinois is effectively bankrupt (and may file for it soon), Puerto Rico is broke, and even mighty California doesn't have the money to fund its Utopian vision of single-payer healthcare.

The land of plenty is rich no more ... unless you're one of the fat cats. You can read about them here:

The more we let "moguls" determine the course of our economy, the less likely we will EVER get out of the debt hole they helped dig for us.

Q: Why are we bombing goat herders in Afghanistan, when the real threats to the well-being of our nation live right here in the US?

A: We're just idiots, I guess.


  1. And public pensions are a big part of the problem:

  2. Here is another discussion of the issue: