Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Options With North Korea

Here is an article discussing US options with North Korea:


Note well that all such articles discuss mainly (or solely) coercive options.

What happened to NEGOTIATION? Don't we have a "State Department", or are they just another branch of the Pentagon and/or the Clinton shadow government?

Also note well that the US routinely negotiates and enters into agreements with NUMEROUS vile dictators all over the world. It therefore should be NO PROBLEM negotiating with Kim Jong-un.

And why shouldn't we want to? Just so President Trump can have another war?


  1. Here is another threatening report in The New York Times:


    Why "self-restraint"? Why not compassion, sanity, concern for the effects of war on the Koreans and the rest of us?

    Generals should keep their mouths shut and do what We The People and our Congress tell them to do. This guy needs to re-read MacArthur's Thayer Award acceptance speech.

  2. This twit is one of the reasons we have no more diplomacy:


  3. Trump is thinking of "severe things":


    Why not "helpful things"?