Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nuclear Treaties Are Pointless

In this essay, Matt Taibbi talks about "rogue nuclear states" and the existing non-proliferation treaty:

The treaty has been mostly very successful. Since 1970, when it went into effect, only four more countries – Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea – are known to have developed nuclear weapons, and only one, North Korea, was at any time a signatory.

Israel, India and Pakistan were three of just four U.N. member states to originally refuse to sign the treaty. North Korea, meanwhile, pulled out of the treaty in 2003, almost exactly a year after it was put in the crosshairs by George W. Bush in the infamous "Axis of Evil" speech. It had long been suspected of pursuing a secret development program.

One of the reasons the NPT was long seen as successful is that over the decades, it did inspire the main actors – particularly the United States and Russia – to move toward disarmament. Through a variety of programs, nuclear stockpiles have been drastically diminished, down to about 14,900 warheads worldwide, or two-thirds less than their high point in the mid-Eighties.

Russia and the United States didn't just reduce their stockpiles out of goodwill. They did so in part because moving toward global disarmament was a major component of the original bargain of the non-proliferation treaty.

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Here are some FACTS which put the lie to much of what he says:

1. The US reduced its arsenal for many reasons. Here are two important ones - the weapons were aging, and the tritium gas used in the warheads was decaying. We have had no dedicated tritium production reactor for quite some time.

2. Modernization and innovations such as "super-fuzing" have made our remaining warheads much more effective. You can read about that here:

3. If Israel really is "known to have developed nuclear weapons", then by federal law the US should have employed extreme sanctions upon them instead of giving them billions upon billions of dollars and boatloads of modern weapons.

In fact, such treaties are window dressing to fool We The People. Any country which really wants nukes can develop them if they're willing to pay the price. And the price paid by Israel apparently is zero: what wasn't stolen from us, we gave to them.

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