Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lies We're Told By Capitalists

Here are ten of their whoppers:

1) Wealth will “trickle down”.

2) I took all the risks.

3) I could pay you more if there were less government regulations.

4) If you work hard, one day you can be rich like us.

5) This is as good as it gets.

6) We give back to the community.

7) The system (and economic theory) is rational and takes into account social and environmental costs.

8) The future will be better.

9) It’s Just Business.

10) Financial markets & debt are necessary.

You can read the details about each of these lies @

Sound familiar?

I would add one more to this list:

11) You should believe everything we tell you about climate change.

You can find an EXCELLENT critique by James Corbett of the climate change hoax movement here. I urge you to watch his entire 13 minute video:

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