Friday, July 7, 2017

CIA + Pentagon Influence In Hollywood

Hollywood magic doesn’t percolate only in the minds of legendary producers and acclaimed directors to be brought to life on the big and television screens where actors’ adept performances capture our imaginations; rather, if the plot pertains to the military, it’s more than likely the Department of Defense had a hand in the script.

From Meet the Parents and America’s Got Talent, to Cupcake Wars and Zero Dark Thirty - even Iron Man, Oprah, Patriot Games, and the James Bond thriller, Tomorrow Never Dies - if the production pertains to the War Machine or Surveillance State, it’s a veritable guarantee government significantly influenced the final product.

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I would wager that most Americans get their world view from government-influenced movies and TV shows. This is why most Americans believe the total BS official stories about 9/11, US political assassinations, and whether or not the Russians are our enemies.

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