Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Inside Syria

Here is one of the alternative views you won't be getting from the warmongers in the US MSM:

Ms. Yayoi Segi is based in Beirut, Lebanon, and she has worked in Syria for almost 3 years. She is extremely passionate about the country, which she admires and tries to support in her position as an accomplished specialist in national education development.

She agreed to share her collection of personal photos from Damascus, Homs and Aleppo.

I asked about her impressions regarding Syria and its people, and she replied, frankly:

“Syria is not what the mainstream media wants us to believe it is. One has to see it, to understand. Seeing is believing! It is an extraordinarily exceptional country. All that we have been told about Syria and its people is a lie.”

And what is the war doing to the country?

“The war ... it is devastating the country. Life is of course tough now, but it never stopped; it definitely goes on. Electricity is cut often and water supplies are limited, but still life goes on. People endure; they even socialise. Syrians are very humble, very caring, warm and gentle people. They like to joke. They believe in their nation, in themselves; they are truly remarkable.”

Yayoi has been literally dedicating her life to the Syrian nation. She is ‘building schools’ there, and she is defending the nation whenever she goes. She is drawn to the Syrian people and she admits that she is philosophically close to them. She says:

“It is extremely important, what goes on in Syria, especially on the ideological front in highly politicised field of education, because ideology shapes education, and vice versa.”

“Even in the time of crises that was implanted from outside, the Syrian people still maintain tremendous sense of solidarity towards those whose lives have been shattered for decades, mainly Palestinians.”

You can read the rest and see her photos@

[Note: Yayoi Segi is a Japanese education policy and planning specialist with close to 20 years of international experience working for a multilateral organization. Since 2014, Yayoi has been involved in education sector humanitarian and development work, in the Arab region with focus on Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.]

In my view, what is happening in Syria is an Israeli-inspired, US-backed crusade to destroy all of Israel's regional "enemies", by any means necessary - including extermination, should it come to that.

There is NO WAY we should be doing ANYTHING like this.

But it also appears there is NO WAY we can stop it.

May G-d have mercy on the Syrians and the Palestinians, because neither the US nor Israel will.

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  1. If you read THIS report, you get the feeling that those who want to destroy Syria are ANGRY that anyone left in that country is not suffering:

    None of this would be happening if the US and Israel were not hell bent on destroying Syria. To blame it on Assad is a vile lie.