Friday, April 14, 2017

An Assessment Of The MOAB Attack By Dennis Kucinich

Former US Representative Dennis Kucinich recently made this statement about the huge bomb Trump dropped on Afghanistan:

The Achin District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, is where the US dropped ‘the Mother of All Bombs’ a 20,000 lb Massive Ordnance Air Burst (MOAB) weapon, to attack ISIS. The way to defeat ISIS is to dry up their funding from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other nations. It is not to kill everyone within striking distance of ISIS.

According to available estimates, the Achin District has a population of 95,468. It is an agricultural area, where farmers grow wheat, maize, cotton and poppies.

According to 2015 US Census, here are six American cities with populations similar to the Achin District:

Albany, NY 98.469
Dearborn, MI 95,171
Erie, PA 99,475
Flint, MI 98,310
Kenosha, WI 99,858
Portsmouth, VA 96.201

An on-line simulator named HYDESim, calculates that injuries from such a bomb could occur nearly nine miles from the blast.

We may never know how many innocent people in Achin District were killed by this bomb, or their names. But, for legal reasons, an immediate inquiry must produce the names of the officials in the Pentagon chain of command who approved the dropping of this, the most destructive anti-personnel weapon ever used, short of an atomic bomb. We must know the names.

This incident is absolutely horrifying, unjustifiable, and unconscionable. It mocks the Founders of our nation. It destroys the philosophy behind our Declaration of Independence. It weakens our Constitution. It makes the entire world an infinitely more dangerous place.

Source - Facebook

I agree with his observations and conclusions. How about you?

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