Monday, June 4, 2018

Never Call Police Again ???

Standing on the front steps of First Congregational Church of Oakland late last month, Nichola Torbett issued a declaration.

“We can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted on our communities by policing,” Torbett, a white church volunteer, said in front of churchgoers who held photos of African Americans shot dead by law enforcement. The church, she promised, would never call the cops again in nearly every circumstance. Dozens of members had agreed to do the same.

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Strange as that may seem, I agree with them.

Everyone else in this society is held accountable for everything they do - except the police. Why call on people whose ultimate response to the call may be to kill someone who otherwise would not have been harmed?

Police need to do a MUCH better job making their case for us to continue paying their generous salaries. And they need to stop killing people.

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