Thursday, June 28, 2018

Triggered By A SCOTUS Retirement

Here we go again, accusing President Trump of causing the end of the world:

Let me remind everyone of two things:

  1. Trump's nominee most likely will go through a standard confirmation process, will be sworn in constitutionally, and no doubt will serve with distinction.
  2. The "resistance" to Trump's nominee, however, threatens massive civil disobedience, direct attacks on Trump's staff, and perhaps even civil war.

Which is the greater threat to democracy? And why is the MSM supporting that greater threat? Their main reasons seem to be these:

  • Let us keep aborting our babies;
  • Let us escape our "traditional" marriages;
  • Let us continue having same-sex marriages;
  • Keep allowing people to enter the country and stay illegally; and
  • Keep digging for dirt to discredit the Trump administration and the GOP in general.

I'm sorry for all you triggered snowflakes, but none of those things is a priority for me, and polls seem to say they're not a priority for the majority of citizens, either.

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