Friday, June 22, 2018

Do US Have The Will To Survive ???

Please read this essay by Pat Buchanan. He paints a perfect picture of how this country was built - on a legacy of iron-willed brutality:

Our children now have been taught that this legacy is an evil thing not worth saving, and they may be right.

But as certain as night follows day, whatever replaces the US is going to be yet ANOTHER form of iron-willed brutality. It will grind the many into dust while it continues to preserve the wealth and privilege of the few.

So nothing is really going to change, except the identity (and perhaps the predominant gender) of the powers that be.

And that, dear reader, is not reason enough for me to get excited about it. There's nothing in it for me, and I doubt there's anything in it for you, either ... unless you are a member of the 0.01%.

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