Saturday, June 9, 2018

Will There Be War ???

Sober thoughts from Eric Zuesse:

Now that the United States (with the cooperation of its NATO partners) has turned the former Soviet Union’s states other than Russia into NATO allies, and has likewise turned the Soviet Union’s Warsaw Pact allies into America’s own military allies in NATO, the United States is finally turning the screws directly against Russia itself, by, in effect, challenging Russia to defend its ally Syria. The U.S. is warning Syria’s Government that Syrian land, which is occupied by the U.S. and by the anti-Government forces that the U.S. protects in Syria, is no longer really Syria’s land. The U.S. is saying that there will be direct war between Syria’s armed forces and America’s armed forces if Syria tries to restore its control over that land. Tacitly, America’s message in this to Moscow is: now is the time for you to quit defending Syria’s Government, because, if you don’t — if you come to Syria’s defense as Syria tries to kill those occupying forces (including the U.S. troops and advisors who are occupying Syria) — then you (Russia) will be at war against the United States, even though the U.S. is clearly the invader, and Russia (as Syria’s ally) is clearly the defender.

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In speaking of the possibility of war, Putin makes reference to nuclear holocaust. But will it come to that? Apparently it's all up to Putin, since the US is not backing down.

But note well the MSM continues to lie to us about this situation in "reports" such as this one, which blames the entire situation on Russia instead of on US lies and provocations:

Sooner or later, someone is going to conduct a nuclear "first strike". The US has been moving toward that strategy for quite some time, so I think it will be us.

Is that what YOU want? I don't. But note that no matter whom we vote for, we get the same old shit over and over.

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