Saturday, June 16, 2018

When Rabin Tried To Make Peace

Here is an interesting commentary from Uri Avnery:

After commenting on most of the episodes on the first Israeli Prime Ministers in Raviv Drucker’s TV series "The Captains", I must come back to the one whose episode I have not yet covered: Yitzhak Rabin.

Let me state right from the beginning: I liked the man.

He was a man after my own heart: honest, logical, straightforward, to the point.

No nonsense, no small talk. You entered his room, he poured you a straight whisky (seemed to me he detested water), got you seated, and asked a question that compelled you to come straight to the point.

How refreshing, compared to other politicians. But Rabin was no real politician. He was a military man through and through. He was also the man who could have changed the history of Israel.

That is why he was murdered.


The final scene: the assassin stood at the foot of the stairs, the pistol in his hand, waiting for Rabin to come down. But first came Peres.

The murderer let him pass unharmed – the ultimate insult.

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Or perhaps Perez was positioning himself as someone allied with Rabin and therefore not to be a suspect in his murder.

Anyone who tries to make peace with the Palestinians will be murdered by Israel. That is a fact of life.

The real question is this - will those murders be G-d's will, or just the crimes of evil men?

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